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Pump failure detection with AI.

Pumps are efficient yet expensive artificial lift solutions. Unforeseen failures requires to stop production and are therefore extremely costly.

TOTAL E&P successfully used FieldBox.ai Pump Failure Prediction AI model on complex offshore assets data. Based on the history of multivariate streams of pumps and wellhead data, the Artificial Intelligence used detects weak signals of a failure appearing early on.

Using artificial intelligence makes it possible for FieldBox.ai to detect failure early enough to better prepare for maintenance operations, and reduce the duration of the downtime. The results are available 24/7 to operations staff, allowing them to anticipate trends and drill-down into the data for detailed investigation on operational issues. FieldBox AI models are used by the operations team from the control room to the company’s headquarters for engineers supporting daily operations.

Pump Failure Detection AI Agent is able to accurately identify when a pump is in an abnormal situation. Based on previous experience, it learns when the situation is detrimental and when Operational Team should be alerted.